Women and Internet Bullying: Would You Type To Your Mother Like That?

Have you been harrassed, called vulgar names, or threatened ? Gone are the days of bullying face to face….it is so much easier for people to take their “cheap shots” shrouded in some level of anonymity. As much as people “fake good” through different forms of social media, also their core evil side also comes blasting out as well. Great article and a reminder to show a little empathy and compassion for individuals.

Drifting Through


“Stand up like a man, You better learn to shake hands, You better look me in the eye now, Treat me like your mother.  Come on look me in the eye, You wanna try to tell a lie?  You can’t, you know why?  I’m dressed like your mother.”

-The Dead Weather, Treat Me Like Your Mother

When women are being called names, something’s not right.  When women are being harassed, something’s wrong.  When women are being threatened with rape and death, something’s got to change.  Right?  Most of us can agree on that.  But what if these things are happening online?  Is the fallout any different because the words showed up on a screen rather than in the mailbox or on a voicemail?  Is the emotional toll and the fear any less because it was done electronically?  Does the vehicle by which a threat was issued even matter?  Is a…

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