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The Art of Finishing


If we are to be the artistic creator of our life, we must learn when a piece of work is complete.  We are all artists if we view our life as a series of canvases, with our decisions and behavior being the creative strokes that build a representation of who we are.  We work on different canvases through the artistry of living, but recognizing that one painting is complete and moving on to the next is perhaps the challenge every artisan faces.  When is the last stroke on the canvas the finishing touch?  How many times do we fixate on creating the timeless masterpiece, only to realize that our relentless strokes have covered the beauty of what we have accomplished, and become blurred in our frantic strokes of trying to recreate a feeling that brought us joy?  The beauty of the painting with the last heartfelt stroke that evoke emotions cannot be recovered once the artist begins to frantically and haphazardly fill the canvas with careless strokes forever erasing that moment when perfection and beauty had been achieved.  Perhaps the greatest challenge, as well as accomplishment is recognizing when our masterpiece is complete, and moving to another canvas once again to begin the process of blending our passion, desires, and creativity to create the next work of art.   


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