Betrayal, Relationships, Women


The Beautiful Betrayal

You tell me “You have such a beautiful face”….but do you realize that behind that face that you described as “beautiful” there is a soul that has emotions, feelings, and needs.  A soul that has searched for the love, honesty, and care that will not fade with the passing years as the face begin to fill with lines.  Beneath that face, a need for security and safety that no concealer, foundation, or make-up can build.  Perhaps you see me as a shiny trophy, something that you have set on a shelf as some type of conquest of your worth.  I am not a trophy.  I am a living human with emotions, desires, and needs.  I am a human that perceives the transgressions and dies with each passing day by the betrayals.  I have perfected the art of smiling, all the while knowing the sorrow that fills my own soul.  Each day my soul hardens to bury the seeds of hurt, pain, and sadness.  I am undergoing  a metamorphosis of becoming a trophy,  that “face” that breathes,  but no longer sees or feels beauty or light.      


The Beautiful Betrayal


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