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Peeling Off the Mask

my reality

For those of us searching for peace in our lives, one of the first rules of inner peace is not trying to fill our soul with the need of admiration, love, or applause of others. If we waste our time desperately trying to gain the displays of affection to fill our heart with content, we will find ourselves forever at the mercy of others’ whims, moods, and manipulations. Along this path of finding ourselves through others, we lose ourselves. We lose the essence of who we are as we create masks and stages on which we perform for their applause, all the while losing the soul of ourselves as we transform deeper and deeper into the role.

The world is filled with people wearing masks, which at some level we are required to construct different masks as we interact with the various social forces in our lives. But when an individual catches themselves continuously wearing a mask that does not allow part of their true essence to shine through, their true gifts to others that earns honest emotions is often lost in pursuits of materialism and aesthetic features. The mask overshadows what is truly important in our live such as values, beliefs, and the people in our life that our truly endeared to us such as our children.
I have caught myself wearing a mask for too long. In wearing that mask, I almost lost myself in the process. A mask that had frozen my inner being and led me to a path of forgetting where my real passion, talents, ideals, and values encompass. A mask that drained my energy in trying to maintain that image, and all that was left was an actor performing to the role of a director. A role that had become so encompassing that not only did I neglect my inner self, but I also neglected to see the true beauty and gifts of those that are forever endeared to me by our blood connection.

I am peeling off the layers of my mask that have built up over the last years to reveal the true me. A mask that I had constructed to win the love and affection of people that did not appreciate or respect my real self. I created that mask desperately trying to recapture a feeling from before of euphoria. I am in the process of rekindling my passions and finding the paths where I am not only able to give to myself, but giving to those around me as well. The real me that follows the path of my Creator living in kindess, compassion, respect, and empathy. Part of this process has involved looking at the masks that others wear as well, and looking beyond their decorated stage; when all of their props are taken of the stage, is their energy compatible with mine? Part of the process of finding peace is being able to strip away part of our mask so that our authentic self seeps through in our daily lives. Part of being human is understanding that according to different social situations, we regulate what part of ourselves we express, but at the same time, allowing part of our inner beauty to surface. This is not an easy process, and at times can even be painful as we give up the stage props that we had used to bolster ourselves. Perhaps the other actors that had once danced on our stage with us no longer feel the need to perform. When I reflect into the future, when my final curtain call comes calling, I would prefer to be surrounded with the energy of those that authentically loved me, not for my masks, but for my authentic self.


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