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Can a Vulture Become a Dove?

It is the simplest of humans that try to mold a version of perfection by their adornments . A human that does not see beyond their socialized version of perfection is but an empty vessel that has failed to find their own worth and tries to adorn themselves with material objects in finding some type of worth to not only themselves, but to others as well. A superficial self that in their lust for finding some type of feeling of worth, becomes engrossed in the art of deception, lies, and valuing the materialistic objects of the world over integrity, respect, honesty, and empathy. I sometimes wish I could escape this world into a utopia where music, arts, knowledge, words, nature, authenticity, honesty, caring, kindness, and love were the prized human values. Where the vulgar behavior of impression management through material objects, power, and control were considered vile, evil, and unsightly.

Lessons in life have taught me that those who are so willing to prostitute their ethics and values in life in able to obtain monetary gain, power, or control are also the very same people who lose their humanity. Their narcissistic needs for power, control, and materialistic desires turn them into vultures circling the skies scouring the landscape of those that they perceive weak or unworthy. These vultures are not hard to identify. They are typically visibly on display if you only take the time to scan their behaviors. These people will yell, degrade, and abuse others that they perceive as less than them because of social status, nationality, race, or appearance. These people will try to charm and dazzle those that they perceive they have something to gain. These people will pursue objects that they see as for the elite, while failing to see the beauty of another person’s essence that they have just disregarded as useless because they do not have the ability to bolster their own self through their connection with that human being.

Am I innocent in this whole charade of materialism? No, I am not. I have bought the designer labels that I knew came through the blood, sweat, and tears of the innocent in sweatshops. I have walked by the homeless person and only gave a swift second look, more scared if that could become my destiny versus the humanity of offering a hand to help or listen. I have been impressed with material objects, titles, power, and superficial prestige. Although I have also learned that some of the richest people, either in character, or in talents, are often those that often go unseen in our materialistic world. I have learned that the vultures of materialistic values will pick the very life out of an individual as long as it serves their own shallow needs, only to discard that individual once they no longer serve a purpose. I have also learned that these vultures often fly in circles together and avoiding their territory serves as a form of both mental and physical preservation of the human spirit. The vultures not only feed off the dead of others, but will feed off each other as well. Being completely honest, I have even found myself flying among the vultures as I struggled to find my own identity. I have left the flock and I am trying to become a dove; representing peace, harmony, respect, and the humanistic vision of extending the olive branch of caring, kindness, and empathy. As I continue my internal transformation, I question can I ever become the dove completely shedding the feathers of the vulture, to fly a path of integrity, respect, honesty, and kindness and obliterate my former conditioning of the vulture?


3 thoughts on “Can a Vulture Become a Dove?

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  2. John says:

    Soon after losing my mother – I was privileged to watch her take her final breaths in this world – I went for grief counselling arranged through my place of work I highly recommend anyone to do this should you also suffer a major loss

    ‘Vultures Circling’ was raised by my counsellor during my session and how death can bring out both the best side of people as well as the worst!

    Losing my mother was the making of me ……the walls the lies the self delusional denial …..i finally started talking straight to God and to myself

    But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control ……Gal 5:22.

    The Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit!

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