Personal Growth, Women

“Cleaning Out My Closet of Socialization”

I am cleaning out my closet of “socialization” and only keeping those threads of socialization that fit me, and those that need thrown out I am not donating, some things deserve to be thrown out with the trash.
1. A woman is only complete with a man (trash)
2. Judge people by their position or their family name (trash)
3. A good mother kills herself to give everything possible to her children (trash)
4. Just because a person is beautiful on the outside they are beautiful on the inside(trash)
5. Life is fair (trash)
6. Happily ever after fairy tales (trash)
7. Material possessions bring happiness (trash)
8. All people are logical (trash)
9. All people play fair (trash)
10. Standing up for yourself is being selfish (trash)
11. Never say no to people (trash)
12. I must be perfect (trash)
13. Trust people in what they say (trash)
14. Everything is my fault (trash)
15. People get what they deserve (trash)
16. Do unto others what they do unto you (trash)
17. Revenge is sweet (trash)
18. I can control people, and people can control me (trash)
19. People that perform the rituals of their religion, behave in accordance with the virtues and values of a religion/spirituality (trash)
20. Truth and justice will always prevail in the end (trash)

The socialization that I will keep in my closet:
1. Trust in what people do, instead of what they say.
2. I can only make myself complete.
3. Life is unfair, but still act in accordance with love, respect, compassion, integrity, and authenticity.
4. Sometimes giving everything to our children makes them dependent, and sometimes we have to let them learn lessons on their own to build their character. We need to tell them no at times.
5. The only thing I can definitively control in my life is my own actions.
6. It is ok to say no to people when we do not have the time and resources. It is ok to say no to people when it violates your own personal boundaries or ethics.
7. I am human and I make mistakes, other people are humans and they make mistakes. Only cut those people off from you that continuously make mistakes without regret of how their mistakes have negatively affected other people. Acknowledge your own mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and do not live in guilt, but learn from your mistakes.
8. Truth and justice do not always prevail, although we should keep trying to make the world a better place.
9. Love people for their authentic selves, and not for their outward appearances and possessions.
10. Trust your intuition, but do not jump to conclusions.
11. Religion/spirituality should be carried out through in how we live life and treat other people; the rituals are a reminder of these virtues.
12. My experiences may shape me, but they do not define me.


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