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Mid-Life Reflections

43rd bday pic
I have crawled and walked this earth for 43 years today; the crawling has not only included my time as a small child, but metaphorically crawling during difficult times in my life. Some of those difficulties have been the results of circumstances, different people, and yes, I must admit brought on by myself as well. Perhaps we have to crawl for moments in our life at different times to learn how to walk a new or different path. Today, I am getting off the floor to walk on my own two feet again, but I know to do that I need to strive towards the following:
1. My own self value is not determined by how others view me, act towards me, or value me.
2. If people love me based on conditions, I will still love them unconditionally, but I know
there conditional love is their weakness and not my own. While I will love these people
unconditionally, I will have boundaries in how much energy I invest in maintaining the
3. Only consider criticism from others that is given with authentic intentions, only give
criticism that is given with authentic intentions.
4. I will not let fear hold me back in living. Fear is the one emotion that keeps us on our
knees and makes us slaves to others and ourselves.
5. I will only say sorry when I truly mean it. I will not say sorry for being honest and
speaking my truth, or being sorry for who I am.
6. I will no longer keep my silence when it damages others or myself. I have held my tongue far
too long causing myself physical and emotional pain.
7. I will not allow others who are filled with hatred, greed, jealousy, and selfish intents to
bring drama in my life. This is their drama and issues, not my own. If I have done something
wrong, I will admit it and say I am sorry, but I will no longer allow you to bring destruction
and unneeded pain in my life. I cannot force anyone to respect my boundaries, but I do not
have to engage with destructive people and their games regardless of who you are.
8. I will forgive, but I do not forget. Forgetting is not a skill, remembering and learning
from experiences teaches us to avoid mistakes in the future and that is a true measure of an
intelligent skill.
9. I will not take people, blessings, or my world for granted. Showing gratefulness is a
reminder of the beauty in our world that at times can be obscured.
10. I will work towards those parts of me that can improve, while at the same time accepting there
are some aspects of me that are innately me and learn to love those traits.


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