body language, emotions, spirituality

Windows of the Soul


How many times have I heard, “I wish I had a window to what others are thinking!”.

We do have a window into the soul of others, perhaps not privy to their exact thoughts, but the emotions and feelings can be deciphered by looking through our own windows of the world into the windows of others…..the eyes.

Have you ever deeply gazed into the eyes of another?  Looked beyond the images of what they have projected to the world through their physical attire, material objects, and painted faces and smiles.  Used your own visual perception to decipher the visual messages that we become blind to, instead focusing on the spoken word or other visual distractors.  The eyes are the transparent veil of the experienced joys, pains, losses, and gains that as living beings we all experience. 

The human eyes show love and hate.  The human eyes show happiness and pain.  The human eyes show pride and guilt.  The human eyes show joy and jealousy.  The human eyes show the lust for power and control, as well as defeat.  The human eyes show honesty and lies. 

Looking deeply into the eyes of another, past the props that they use to propagate an image, we may not always see what we want.  Like a beautiful painting that has been strategically placed over a gaping grotesque hole in the wall, the view may not be so pretty when the distraction of the painted image has been cast aside, exposing the raw reality.  Perhaps it is easier for us as humans to avoid reality and instead focus on the details of the painted figure, perhaps in our own attempts to escape experiencing our own dirty window pains and gaping holes in our souls. 


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